28 November 2019

Your mother-in-law glares at you from the opposite end of the table, her white Christmas dress now muddied with paw-print polka dots left by an overly excited greeting from her four-legged grandchild. You glance over at your deathly allergic father-in-law beside her who appears to be doing a Rudolph impersonation as the cat curls its tail under his nose and digs its claws into his lap. These are the daunting realities that await many pet owners this festive season …  

Especially for those with pets, having guests over during the holiday season is not always as simple as just extending an invitation. If you are planning on entertaining guests who are not particularly crazy about your pets, there are a few things you can do to your home to make sure that everything runs smoothly:

1) Clean fury furniture

You might be used to being covered in pet hair, but your guests aren’t. Before your guests arrive, wipe down your furniture with a double-sided adhesive roller and be sure to keep your pets out of the room thereafter. Carpets and loose mats should also be thoroughly vacuumed and even washed if possible, as anything fabric-based tends to absorb the scent of your pets more so than other materials. In terms of safeguarding the investment value of your home, it’s advisable to keep your pets out of carpeted rooms in order to avoid the expense of having to replace these when it comes time to sell.

2) Spend quality time with your furry loved ones
To try and minimise the excitement of when your pets hear the doorbell, spend the morning with them out at the beach or a nearby park. That way they will have released some of their energy by the time your guests arrive. You might also want to ask you guests not to ring the doorbell or knock on the door when they arrive, but rather to send you a text so that you can sneak them in without getting your pet all worked up by the sound of their arrival.

3) Buy new pet toys or treats

Though not impossible, it’s much trickier to bark with a full mouth so it’s a good idea to purchase new chew toys to keep your pet preoccupied when your guests enter the home. Also be sure to feed your pet before you sit down to eat so that they don’t beg around the table. Pet food can have a really strong smell, so you might want to feed them outside or away from whichever room in which you’re entertaining.

Final Advice
Whatever you do to try and be more accommodating to pet-phobic visitors, just remember that the happiness and wellbeing of your pet should never be compromised in the process. If you have friends or family who really cannot stand being around pets, then it would be better for everyone involved if you invite them out for a meal instead of inviting them over to your home. Responsible pet owners will put their pets’ happiness above their desire to entertain. If your home is unable to accommodate both your pets and your visitors comfortably, then perhaps it’s time to consider selling and finding a new home that is better suited to your needs.

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